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PAPFAM would have made available a set of social, economic, demographic and health indicators needed to formulate, design and monitor development and health programs and policies on the country level; and Would have built the regional family health and reproductive health data bank, and would have published a number of in-depth analytical and comparative studies that will assist in using the findings for policy formulation and program monitoring and evaluation on the regional level.


The major purpose of PAPFAM is to enable the Ministries of Health and other national health institutions in the Arab region to obtain a timely and integrated flow of reliable information suitable for formulating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the family health and reproductive health policies and programs in a cost-effective manner.

Manuals and Publications
PAPFAM  Central Management unit undertook the task of preparing a set of survey tools and its model technical manuals that are proposed for adaptation in participating countries on a standardized basis guaranteeing ease of comparison.

Startegic Considerations
Arab countries vary considerably according to their data needs, availability and the development of data systems. It is important to maintain flexibility in survey design to make sure of its links to the national strategies.